Working in your workout

Hello, almost end of the day! Only a little over 2 work hours to go for the day and it’s a great feeling. I know the day doesn’t end after work and this time of day can seem just as busy as working hours for some. I am pretty lucky and have a good work schedule, which has always allowed me to easily fit my workouts in. From what I hear I feel like I’m in the minority with the ease I have of fitting my workouts in- so what if you are the person who has a tight schedule and tough time fitting your workout in? Well I have some tips that will hopefully help.

My first tip is find a workout YOU enjoy! If you don’t like it you are not likely to try and fit it into your schedule. YouTube is a great place to start- so many workouts to try for free if you are unsure of what you will enjoy. If you are thinking about a gym see if you can get a trial for 1-2 weeks before signing up and shelling out money to make sure you enjoy that gym. The options for workouts and exercise are endless. Think outside of the box too- sports leagues, hiking, rollerblading, etc.

Time is the next tip. So many people feel if they can’t get an hour workout in than its not worth it- this could not be more Wrong! Even just 10 minutes, yes 10 minutes of exercise can have a cardiovascular benefit. To get more of your workout increase the intensity- tabata is great for a short workout. You can even do a 10 minute workouts 2-3 times a day to get in additional time if it works better for your schedule.

Getting everything you need for your workout ahead of time is my last tip. Do you go to the gym in the evening? Pack your workout bag the night before so you can go to the gym without stopping at home. If you workout in the morning keep your shoes next to the bed or you can even go as far as sleeping in your workout clothes. If you exercise during the day keep your clothes for the entire week in your bag or a locker so you have no excuse.

Hopefully these tips will be helpful and this will not be the last on this topic. Tomorrow I hope to get a workout posted for you all!

What helps you to fit your workout in?